LPA Mission Statement
The mission of LPA is the advancement of
psychology as a science, as a profession, 
and as a means of promoting health, 
education, and human welfare.

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Think about it ... the decisions that most directly impact you and your profession of psychology are made in Louisiana. The Louisiana Psychological Association is best positioned to make a difference for you. LPA membership is your best investment for the advancement of your profession. Choose LPA as your advocate and resource.

The mission of the Louisiana Psychological Association is to advance psychology as a science, as a profession, and as a means of promoting human welfare.

The LPA provides a forum for meeting your peers and sharing information and ideas, as well as the opportunity to talk to someone who understands your business and unique professional and clinical needs.

Why does your membership matter?
Many of our colleagues continue to be concerned about the changes facing the mental health care profession. Our professional lives are increasingly regulated - and intruded upon - at the state and national levels. As a group, we must have a strong voice in the process of setting the regulations if we are to continue to make clinically-based treatment decisions for our clients. Your individual voice is a vital part of our collective voice.

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Benefits of Membership
• Annual Convention
• Continuing Education at a Discounted Rate for Members
• Networking Opportunities
• Legislative Advocacy
• Online Referral Service
• Online Membership Directory
• Member ListServ
• Website​

Members are active on various committees:
• Continuing Education
• Conventon
• Federal Advocacy
• Finance
• Legislation and Public Policy
• Membership
• Professional Affairs
• Public Affairs
• Public Education Campaign
• Publications
• Scientific Affairs

Your LPA membership supports the profession of psychology by:

•        Establishing and maintaining high standards of competence, training and ethical  
•        Safeguarding the interest of the profession and the public.
•        Working with the many state agencies and regulatory boards, including the State Board
          of  Examiners of Psychologists, the Department of Mental Health and the Department 
          of Insurance.
•        Representing psychologists' interest with managed care and insurance companies, and
          health plans about the importance of employee mental health benefits.
•        Representing psychology in the State Capitol and being the unified voice on issues 
          affecting psychology.
•        Representing you on governance and policy decisions within the American
          Psychological Association.
•         Safeguarding the freedom of scientific inquiry, teaching and professional practice.​

LPA works through its elected Officers and Directors who make up the Executive Council.  


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Full Member:  Full members are (1) person holding a doctoral degree in psychology conferred by a regionally accredited college, university or professional school of psychology, or program of equivalent standing outside of the U.S. or (2) a person holding an active Louisiana psychology license. 

New Full Member (first year EVER applying):  Same membership requirements as full members. (All full members are eligible to vote and hold office).

Early Career Psychologist (ECP):  An individual is eligible who has received a Psy.D./Ph.D. from an accredited doctoral degree program within the past three years if an academician and/or is licensed by the LSBEP to practice psychology within the past three years.

Associate Member:  Associate members are individuals who have earned a Masters degree in psychology from a regionally accredited graduate school. (Associates are not eligible to vote or hold office).

Life Member:  This category of membership is available to 1) Psychologists who are 70 or older, who must have been LPA members for 10 consecutive years and who have officially discontinued their psychological workload/income or (2) Psychologists who are 65 or older, who have been LPA members for 10 consecutive years and who have reduced their psychological workload/income by 75% or more. 

Student Member:  Student members are individuals currently enrolled in a graduate or undergraduate psychology program or a regionally accredited psychology program of study. If this is your first time joining LPA as a student, please see below. (Student members are not eligible to vote or hold office).

STUDENTS JOINING LPA FOR THE FIRST TIME:  LPA is investing in your future as a psychologist. For the first time ever, LPA is offering FREE membership to psychology students or interns who join LPA for the first time. Please provide the name of your university and the name and contact information of your department chair or internship director when filling out the application form.