LPA Mission Statement
The mission of LPA is the advancement of
psychology as a science, as a profession, 
and as a means of promoting health, 
education, and human welfare.

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Full Member:  Full members are (1) person holding a doctoral degree in psychology conferred by a regionally accredited college, university or professional school of psychology, or program of equivalent standing outside of the U.S. or (2) a person holding an active Louisiana psychology license. 

New Full Member (first year EVER applying):  Same membership requirements as full members. (All full members are eligible to vote and hold office).

Early Career Psychologist (ECP):   An individual is eligible who has received a Psy.D./Ph.D. from an accredited doctoral degree program within the past three years if an academician and/or is licensed by the LSBEP to practice psychology within the past three years.

Associate Member:   Associate members are individuals who have earned a Masters degree in psychology from a regionally accredited graduate school. (Associates are not eligible to vote or hold office).

Life Member:  This category of membership is available to 1) Psychologists who are 70 or older, who must have been LPA members for 10 consecutive years and who have officially discontinued their psychological workload/income or (2) Psychologists who are 65 or older, who have been LPA members for 10 consecutive years and who have reduced their psychological workload/income by 75% or more. 

Student Member:   Student members are individuals currently enrolled in a graduate or undergraduate psychology program or a regionally accredited psychology program of study. If this is your first time joining LPA as a student, please see below. (Student members are not eligible to vote or hold office).

STUDENTS JOINING LPA FOR THE FIRST TIME:  LPA is investing in your future as a psychologist. Therefore, LPA is offering FREE membership to psychology students or interns who join LPA for the first time. Please provide the name of your university and the name and contact information of your department chair or internship director.  

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Century membership (is a voluntary contribution to LPA in addition to your membership fee)
MEMBERSHIP INTEREST:  LPA wants to significantly increase member participation and strongly encourages you to join a committee. Please mark all boxes in which you may have an interest in serving. This information will be forwarded to the proper committee chair(s).
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LPA Political Action Committee (PAC) Donation (The PAC supports advocacy efforts and changes in policy that directly affects psychologists in Louisiana). 
** We need your email address as we send most communications, eNews, renewal reminders, by email.  

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Dues payments to the Louisiana Psychological Association are not tax deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. However, dues payments may be deducted as an ordinary and necessary business expense, subject to exclusion for lobbying activity. Further, it is estimated that 6% of your LPA dues will be used for lobbying in 2017 and is not tax deductible.

* Any member of the association can become a Century member. You must contribute at least $100 in addition to your regular dues payment. Those making this contribution are recognized for their commitment to the profession of psychology and in its advancement in Louisiana

Questions regarding LPA Membership?  Please contact Sarah Heath, membership director at 
sarah.heath@checkmate-strategies.com or (225) 326-3180

Full Active Member $275
New Full Member $200
Associate Member $125
Student – Renewing $25
Life Member $-0-
Early Career Psychologist (ECP) $125
Student $-0- To qualify please provide:
Silver $100-249
Gold $250-499
Platinum $500+
Other Amt
Not at this Time
Academic & Scientific
Community Psychology
Continuing Education
Disaster Intervention
Early Career Psychologist
Executive Committee
None of the Above
Industrial Organization (I-O) Consulting
Legislative Affairs
Military Psychology
Professional Affairs
Public Education
Speaker's Bureau
Social Media
None of the Above
Other Amt
Not at this time